Winding Up the First Six Weeks

Elena Massa

After nearly 2 weeks, 3 hotels, 2-2 day conferences, 1 women’s conference and 2 preaching invitations, we happily hopped a plane for Bangalore and then proceeded by car for 6 hours to our home base at Quiet Corner, India. After attending the conference in Vijayawada, a pastor was so excited that he planned a spontaneous outreach that very evening and 200 people attended. At the women’s conference, the pastor’s wife was in tears because she was so touched by the teaching.

Children often stare at the ‘white’ people.
Tomas joins the worship team.

On Saturday Tomas, Sal and I attended the marriage reception for our friend’s brother. Barb decided to stay back while the three of us drove to the wedding hall. Receptions in India in no way resemble receptions in the USA.

  • In America, wedding plans are carefully laid out. The guest list includes only close relatives and friends. Attendees usually average 150-200. In India, hand delivered invitations are distributed near and far. The average attendance is 700-1,000.
  • In America, guests seating is strategically planned and decided by the happy couple and their parents. In India, the guests are seated family style at long tables that line the wedding hall for what seems to be miles.
  • In America, the dinner menu is sampled and approved by the engaged couple months before the big day arrives. In India, huge vessels of local favorites like biryani, curries and sauces ladled onto banana leaves are served family style to each guest.
  • In America, the bride and groom roam freely from table to table to speak with their guests. In India, the couple stands on a decorated stage while groups of 3-10 people pose with them for a picture. Consider that there are 1,000 people standing in cue to take a picture with the newlyweds.
Our friends, Guna and Timothy (on right), pose with the newlyweds.

Sal preached Sunday at the QCI Bethel Bible Church just a half mile away. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a quiet afternoon to reflect on all that has taken place, study, read, pray and prepare for the coming weeks.

Relaxing and preparing.

Day is done and it’s almost 10:00 PM. The jungle nights are filled with the distant sounds of barking dogs keeping wild animals away from the local farms. Just below my bedroom window is the sound of wild boar foraging for downed fruits from the trees.  The night watchmen make their rounds patrolling for signs of elephants inside the compound.

O LORD, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.  Psalm 104:24

A new week begins. We’ve been here 6 weeks already. Barb and I will meet with the precious widows on Wednesday. Next Friday we’ll leave for another round of conferences beginning with Bangalore.

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8 thoughts on “Winding Up the First Six Weeks”

  1. Elena, you write so descriptively that we can almost feel we’re in India with you! And the photos! I’m guessing that even after all these trips, India continues to wow you. And not just being served dinner on a banana leaf, but seeing the hunger for truth and the One True God of the Bible that makes your work worth all your effort. May all of you stay healthy and Spirit-energized!

  2. I so enjoy your updates, experiences, ministry details and the pictures . I know your teaching is so welcome.
    Great to see Guna and Timothy.
    Thankful for God’s protection and health.

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