Elena is available to speak at conferences or special events for women.

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Here are only some of the topics that she can provide. She also can work with you on a particular theme.

Women Of Worth (W.O.W) – The W.O.W. series contain 5 different messages that cover God’s commands to women of all ages in order to lead a godly life. The topics you can choose from are:

    • Teach Doctrine . . Who Me?


    • Older Women. . . Do I Qualify?


    • Older Women . . What’s My Calling?


    • Younger Women . . Do I Qualify?


    Younger Women. . . What Are My Priorities?

Hello My Name Is – This series contains seven messages based on women in the Bible and how they challenge us today. The topics you can select from are:

    • Hello My Name Is Child Of The One True King


    • Hello My Name Is Loyal & True – Lessons from the life of Ruth


    • Hello My Name Is Wisdom- Lessons from the life of Abigail


    • Hello My Name Is Hope – Lessons from the life of Hannah


    • Hello My Name Is Free – Lessons from the life of Mary Magdalene


    Hello My Name Is Witness – Lessons from the life of the Woman at the Well

The Good Life – This series of messages are based on Psalm 1.

    • Be Blessed


    • Be Delighted


    • Be Thinking


    • Be Bearing


    Be Prosperous

Cross Words – This series of messages explore the final seven “words” Jesus spoke from the cross before his death.

    • The Word of Forgiveness


    • The Word of Salvation


    • The Word of Affection


    • The Word of Anguish


    • The Word of Suffering


    • The Word of Victory


    The Word of Contentment