Rest – Refuel – Resume

Pastor Sal Massa
“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”  Jeremiah 31:25

Today was the first day of Servant Leadership Bible School. We plan on 6 days of classes – 5 sessions per day. It’s a tough schedule but well worth the time and effort. What a blessing it is to train this class of mostly young men who have a heart and passion to accurately teach the Word of God.

Pastor Jacob and his wife

We spent our week dividing our time between rest and getting ready for the school. On Wednesday we traveled to Ooty to do some shopping and met our friend, Pastor Jacob, for lunch. We stopped into my favorite clothing store.  Casey, the store owner, was happy to see us.

Casey’s Store

We were his first customer of the day so he offered me a nice discount. We also prayed for him and his family before we left the store. I was in search of a new coffee pot. The one we had was not working. Ooty is a large city of about 403,000 people. It is very crowded. There are all sorts of stores and markets. We searched high and low for a coffee pot and there was not one to be found. Finally, at day’s end, we stopped at a small market and found the one and only coffee pot in the entire city! The store keeper had to wipe away a thick layer of dust from the box. Needless to say we bought it and now enjoy fresh perked coffee as the sun rises in the morning.

Her smile melts my heart.

We also made a visit to the Mavanalla Feeding Program. It is a blessing to visit the children and the staff that feed them 6 days a week. The children were excited that we were there. They sang and danced for us and several of them recited their memory verses in Tamil and English.

We have rested and gotten ready for a long week of teaching. Today seemed to fly by. After class was over, we hopped in a jeep and went to Masanaguidi for vada and tea. Tomorrow is church and one more day to rest, refuel and get ready to resume classes on Monday.

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