Quiet Corner is Quiet

Pastor Sal Massa

After a very fast paced month of conference and school, we are winding down our time here. Quiet Corner is truly quiet. Except for  a small staff of workers and us, there is no one else here right now. Even the jungle has been very quiet. I am guessing that the drought may have forced some of the wild life to migrate to areas where there may be more water and vegetation.

A room full of guests
A room full of guests
Sara turns One!

We enjoyed attending a 1st birthday party for our friend’s granddaughter on Wednesday evening. We have never been to an Indian birthday, and it certainly was different from anything we have ever attended in the USA. Over 60 people came to celebrate little Sara’s life. It was literally wall to wall people with the overflow into the bedrooms and front porch. The first hour was praise, worship and prayer. Sal was asked to give a devotional message on parenting. Afterwards, we were served a delicious chicken and rice meal. A beautiful cake was brought out, special candles burst into flames, party poppers filled the air with confetti, and to top it off, the room was sprayed with artificial snow. I tried to imagine Sal and I hosting such an event for our grandchild. HUMMMMM??? In spite of the mess, the place was filled with joy and love. I am so happy we got to attend.

Also, in the last few days we visited the feeding programs for the children and the elderly, the tailoring school, and an after school tutoring program. We spent an entire day shopping for camp supplies in Gudalar and Ooty. We are also pre-planning for our next trip here which will be in December. We want to participate in Christmas in the Jungle. We are meeting Monday with Pastor Jacob to talk over plans to conduct a conference in Ooty next time we come. We also have invitations to speak in Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, and Nagpur. With God’s blessing, we hope to schedule these conferences for January through March, 2018. We also hope to host a Lake Country Bible Church Mission Team during our extended stay early next year.

It is exciting to think about the endless possibilities that have been placed before us. We never asked for any of this. It is God’s doing. Sometimes I think we are too old to start something new. Then I look at our hosts, Thomas and Marykutty, as they faithfully continue serving. At 86 years of age, Thomas continues to forge a vision for future ministry. His prayer is, “Father, either take me home or use me here.”

I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut. For you have only a little strength, yet you have kept My word and have not denied My name.                                                                                                                                    Rev. 3:8

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