Mission India 2018

Elena Massa

The Lake Country Bible Church Mission India 2018 Team arrived here on Monday morning. It was such a happy time hugging old friends (Kevin, Cat, Bev, Cari, Sherri, Gini and Rebecca), and welcoming three of them to QCI for the first time.

After two days of rest and orientation, we began our first full day of mission service. The main emphasis of this mission is young widows and children. So today, the widows came to Quiet Corner for a special event. A tribal widow’s life here in India is very difficult. These women are usually very poor. There is no substantial help or support for them. Often their families are unable or unwilling to help them. Some find work as laborers for meager wages. Their homes are in ill repair. For instance, Shanti, who is in poor health, lives in a flimsy hut made of bamboo poles and rubber tarps. She has no electricity.

Sticks are used to replace a broken wall at Susheela’s home

Shusheela’s home has one collapsed wall that needs repairs. Both women live in a squatter’s village on the elephant corridor. They have no proper protection from wild animals.

Once a month about 20 young widows are treated to a special day at Quiet Corner.  Today they were warmly welcomed by the team, sang some Tamil worship choruses and then gave their attention to Bev and Cari as each one shared how the God of the Bible had taken care of them throughout their lives.  They were very moved by what was shared as they realized that no matter where we live or who we are, we all have difficulties that only faith in the one true God can meet. Thomas Samuel shared the message of salvation and four widows stood and prayed to enter the family of God. The grace of God fell in Mercy Hall as these women committed to follow the Lord. Another widow shared that she had been to a witchdoctor who tied a magic band on her wrist. She was having much trouble and was hoping the witchdoctor would help her. We explained that the God of the Bible would help her but she needed to take off the wristband and not see the witchdoctor again. She first resisted and said she would take it off in a month. But after sharing the truth of God’s Word with her, she decided to remove the band and not return to the witchdoctor.  With tears she asked for God to help her.

This evening we visited one of the children’s feeding programs. The kids were excited to see us and entertained us with their singing and Bible memorization. Cat and Rebecca taught them some songs. Afterwards, Sherri, Cat and Rebecca helped serve the children the meal of rice and dahl. We ended our time with them by taking selfies!

All in all it was a great first day of ministry for the team. We are all very tired. But it is a good tired. I am proud of the team who put their heart and soul into serving, loving and accepting the widows and children.

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