Genuine Religion

Pastor Sal Massa
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. James 1:27

There are 25 women who attend a once a month get together here at the camp. They have a number of things in common. They are all mothers, they are all young (ranging in are from 23-43) and they are all widows. Fifteen of the 25 came to yesterday’s meeting. It was a great joy to meet with the Young Widows of Quiet Corner. 

Each one told me her name, how many children she had and howwidows her husband died. Two of them were abandoned, but the rest lost their husbands to either sickness or suicide. One of the ladies especially had my heart. Her name is Chikki and her husband died of aides. She also is possibly infected and she has 5 children. She lives in a deplorable hut. QCI  would like to remodel and extend her home but there are relatives who do not want any improvements made to the property. Pray that hearts will be softened and Chikki and her children can get the needed improvements. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to share some encouragement from the Scriptures with these sweet ladies. At the conclusion I gave each one a tiny gift box and told them it represented the free gift of eternal life that God 

Each widow receives a sac of rice and lentils.
Each widow receives a sac of rice and lentils.

had made available to each person who believes and trusts in His son, Jesus. I told them there was only one thing God wanted in return and it was inside the gift box. As they opened the boxes, they found small mirrors reflecting their faces. The object lesson came to life as eight of the widows gladly received God’s free gift. Afterwards, they broke into small groups for prayer, they each were given a sac of rice and lentils, a money gift and a hot lunch.

Today was a day of true quiet. The last of the conference goers left this morning. Sal and I walked to the village after breakfast and spent the day studying and resting. At 5 PM we headed down to visit the Mavanahalla feeding program. On the way back we watched a mama elephant and her baby take a mud bath in what is left of the river. Rain is needed badly. 

Tomorrow we are heading up the mountain to Ooty to shop and visit our friend Pastor Jacob. Students will soon begin arriving for the Servant Leadership Bible School which starts on Friday. Nike Sneakers Store | Nike Shoes