Drought in the Land

Pastor Sal Massa

Saturday we traveled in two vehicles to Quiet Corner. As we entered Mudumalai Tiger Preserve, I was struck by the condition of the jungle landscape-dull, grey, parched, dying. Much of India is suffering from drought. South India has not seen significant rain since September. The monsoon season did not produce enough rain to resupply the rivers and streams which are so important to the wildlife and tribal people. The authorities are enforcing strict water rationing. It made me sad to see goats, sheep and cows wandering in dusty meadows looking for anything green to eat. One of QCI’s dairy cows died suddenly. Due to the drought, she began eating roadside trash.

The river that runs alongside Quiet Corner Camp is completely dry. This has created a dangerous situation as elephants are desperately looking for enough water to drink. There has been a number of elephants breaking down QCI walls and fences to find water. Several of the staff were nearly attacked trying to run the massive animals off the property. We were left without internet for two days due to elephants tearing down the wires. Even more concerning are the black swamp bears that visit in the night, eating berries from the surrounding trees and leaving impressive mounds of scat close by our front door. Needless to say, after sundown we do not venture out!

India is a land of over 6 million deity. Many people pray to them for rain but to no avail.  Aside from the physical drought, there is a great spiritual drought in this beautiful country. Jeremiah 14:22 says “Are there any among the idols of the nations who give rain? Or can the heavens grant showers? Is it not you, Oh Lord our God? Therefore we hope in you,for you are the one who has done all these things.”

Please pray for God to send replenishing rain. Delegates began arriving today as the Standing in the Gap Prayer Summit begins tomorrow followed by the Jesus Conference. Pray for safety for the guests from wild animals. Pray for each one to be spiritually refreshed and hydrated so that they may bring the “rain” of God’s Word to their people.

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