A Day With the Young Widows

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Today was the monthly Young Widows Gathering at QCI. It’s always a joy to meet with these beautiful ladies, but today was exceptional. When we first met the widows about 7 years ago, there were hardly any Christians among them. Today more than half have come to put their trust in the God of the Bible.

Since the last time we saw them (March 2018), there has been an obvious spiritual growth spurt. One by one the ladies stood to recite scripture from memory. It was a joy to listen to them and see the looks on their faces as they spoke God’s word. They were intent and seriously listening as I spoke to them about  five ways to grow their faith. At the conclusion, they all stood to pray and ask God’s help to grow their faith each day. Two of the ladies came forward and Pastor Benjamin led them to the Lord.

Venni – a new believer
Saroja – a new believer

After the program ended, the widows were given lunch. It was time for them to go home, but God was about to put an application to the message they heard on growing their faith. One of the widows, Dodda Madhavi, did not come to the gathering. We found out that her brother was sleeping when a bear attacked him. The bear took a large bite out of his calf. It was quite serious, and he was taken to a hospital for surgery where they would graft skin onto his injured leg. The family has no money to pay for the surgical costs. A collection was taken and these poor widows gave whatever they could to help a family in need. One of the widows told me it was because of the message on faith that she gave what she did. She wants to grow in faith and she knows she must obey what God tells her to do.

I think the person whose faith grew the most today was my own. Often, when I teach, I doubt that my words will make any impact at all. But then I am reminded that they are not my words. All I need to do is open my mouth and God will fill it with his words. He knows the right message that needs to be given to the right audience at the right time.

“Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say.” Exodus 4:12

Sister Vikki knows how to make them smile.
Pure and genuine religion – James1:27
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