Elena is available to speak at conferences or special events for women.

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Here are only some of the topics that she can provide. She also can work with you on a particular theme.

Women Of Worth (W.O.W) – The W.O.W. series contain 5 different messages that cover God’s commands to women of all ages in order to lead a godly life. The topics you can choose from are:

    Teach Doctrine . . Who Me?
    Older Women. . . Do I Qualify?
    Older Women . . What’s My Calling?
    Younger Women . . Do I Qualify?
    Younger Women. . . What Are My Priorities?

Hello My Name Is – This series contains seven messages based on women in the Bible and how they challenge us today. The topics you can select from are:

    Hello My Name Is Child Of The One True King
    Hello My Name Is Loyal & True – Lessons from the life of Ruth
    Hello My Name Is Wisdom- Lessons from the life of Abigail
    Hello My Name Is Hope – Lessons from the life of Hannah
    Hello My Name Is Free – Lessons from the life of Mary Magdalene
    Hello My Name Is Witness – Lessons from the life of the Woman at the Well

The Good Life – This series of messages are based on Psalm 1.

    Be Blessed
    Be Delighted
    Be Thinking
    Be Bearing
    Be Prosperous

Cross Words – This series of messages explore the final seven “words” Jesus spoke from the cross before his death.

    The Word of Forgiveness
    The Word of Salvation
    The Word of Affection
    The Word of Anguish
    The Word of Suffering
    The Word of Victory
    The Word of Contentment