His Thoughts – His Ways

Pastor Sal Massa

Today is day two of the Ooty End Times Conference. It is being held in one of the oldest Anglican Churches, Union Church. Nearly 100 pastors and their families are in attendance. Everyone is having a blessed time. Many have shared with Sal that they have never heard any teachings on the topic of the End Times like this. Sal is in “the zone”. He is having a great time doing what he likes to do best. It was God’s will to bring the conference to Ooty. However, God had other plans for me.

We arrived in Ooty the night before the conference. Ooty’s elevation is at 7200 feet. We have been there many times to shop and experience the culture with visiting mission teams. Staying up there for 3-4 hours is no problem for me, but spending more than a short time can trigger my susceptibility to altitude sickness. That is exactly what happened. By the morning of the conference, I was terribly ill and not able to attend. Just what Sal needed-a sick wife to add to his already busy day!!

After some discussion what to do, Sal decided I needed to be taken down the mountain and back to Quiet Corner. Harold and Vikki came to our room, prayed with us, wiped my tears and agreed it was for the best if I left. Dear Vikki came with me and Harold stayed on to be Sal’s man behind the scene. Today I am feeling much better, but all of us decided there was no use chancing another attack of altitude sickness. While the rest of the team is at the conference, I am here at QCI.

My flesh wants to sit down and give the Lord a piece of my mind. All the months of preparation; all the work assisting Sal on research and edits; all the details, organizing and scheduling!! And I am – LEFT BEHIND! But this day has been anything but unfruitful. I have had time today to be alone with my thoughts, and I hear God speak to my heart: My thoughts are not your thoughts. I think about all the ways I assisted Sal to get ready for this conference. And I hear God speak to my heart: Nor are your ways My ways. (Isa 55:8)

This detour in my plans was no surprise to the Lord. He was not upset by the road block. In fact, in His sovereign will, He allowed it to happen. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isa 55:9

I don’t know what the reason was for me to not attend. If I had gone, I would have missed these two days spent in quietness, talking to God in prayer, reading His word, writing this blog, and seeking wisdom for the very busy couple of weeks ahead.

My conclusion: Sometimes my plans don’t work out because God has a better plan.best Running shoes | nike flex shoes for toddlers