For I Know The Plans I Have For You. . .

Elena Massa

Never in my dreams did I ever think I would visit India. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would serve here for 10 years and live here part time. God’s plans for us are always a surprise. And his plans for us are always good plans.

I’m a planner. I like to have short-term plans and long-term plans. I like to keep calendars and schedules. And for the most part I like to stick with the plan. I know some of you blog readers totally relate.

We arrived here in India on December 7 and we did have plans. Some were set in cement like hosting 2 mission teams. One team has been here and one will be here in about 10 days. Sal planned to meet with the Quiet Corner pastors (there are four) and form a mentoring fellowship with them. They did meet two weeks ago and it was a blessed time for all of them. The planned Ooty End Times Conference has come and gone. Tomorrow The Jesus Conference begins at Quiet Corner Camp. Another upcoming plan is teaching at the Servant Leadership Bible School the week of February 19.

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t out give God.”? Well, you can’t out plan Him either! This past week has brought an overwhelming amount of God Plans. My opinion is, He never lets you in on the plan until just the exact time. News of the pastors’ fellowship spread like wildfire. Sal has now accepted an invitation to meet with 60-70 area pastors the end of February for an all-day event. He has also been contacted by a large church in Ooty and is invited there to conduct a one day End Times seminar on February 17.

March has filled in nicely with God Plans as well. March 6-9 we will be conducting The Jesus Conference in Mumbai followed by an invitation for Sal to be the keynote speaker at Faith Bible College graduation. On March 22-28 we fly north for a back to back End Times Conference in Nagpur and Chinwalla. We return  to Bangalore, and on March 30 we will head four hours north to Bellari for another Jesus Conference. Returning to Bangalore, we will have just enough time to breathe before we return to the USA on April 10.

There is a great sense of joy and expectation knowing that God has plans for each of us. Every day is a new chance at endless opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a world that is desperate for hope. I would not want to miss a minute of what He has planned! His plans for each of us are so much bigger than our wildest dreams.

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